How to Peel Hardboiled Eggs Perfectly Using Lung Power!

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Hardboil some eggs! Put eggs into cold water and bring to a boil. I let them boil for 6 minutes or so before I pour out the hot water and add cold water to cool the eggs.

Take an egg once it has cooled...

and crack the top against a hard surface.

Flip the egg over and crack the other end (pretty straight forward so far I hope).

Now! Peel a small circle of shell away from the top (pointy end). This side doesn't have to have that big of a hole. This will be the side you blow into!

Do the same on the bottom, but make this hole a bit bigger! This is where the egg will fly out of! It you don't catch it I bet it could get some serious distance.

The egg should look kind of like this now!

Time for the fun part! Take the egg and put the top (small hole) against your mouth. Take a deep breath and, with one hard burst, blow the egg out of its shell! It should pop out into your other hand!

Here's a super flattering video of me doing it!

Voila! A perfectly peeled egg!

Now marvel at your skills and enjoy your egg! :)

You will look very attractive while doing this. Sometimes it might not work and you might even make a weird whistle or elephant noise. Don't squeeze the egg while you are blowing it out ps!

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