How to Take Care of Hermit Crabs

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First you will need a big home for your crabs. Yes, hermits may be tiny, but they love to run, and need plenty room. Here is a 30 gallon tank. Also you will need more then 1 crab, they are very social

Water dishes filled with salt water, so your crabs can bathe at their own convenience :) sometimes I'll spray them, but that can be stressful so I try to let then bathe at their own convenience :)

A shell with food. Also hermits love fruit, and grass. I feed mine a different fruit every day, apples, oranges, pineapple, but today they aren't as spoiled :)

A dish with water, and sponge. Be sure to disinfect your sponge properly. Place the sponge in the microwave for 10 seconds once a week, but wash it thoroughly once a day :)

Here is a little home above a heating pad, so they can stay toasty and warm :)

Always keep a wide variety of shells. Especially ones with mother of pearl on the inside. They love thick shells, also please dont buy shells with paintings, most paints are toxic, and harmful to crab

Here I keep calcium sand :) in case they need to molt (shedding their exterior) it's not a need, but it's only $3

Keep a lid covered in Saran wrap to keep their home humid if the lid has a wired top like mine, if it's glass leave 1 inch open for their fresh air :)

You can tell I keep it open for them. I actually need to buy some climbing root for them.. Crabs love to climb :) you don't need to crowd their cage..

Crabs need a humid home. They do have gills and need humidity to breathe. If not they slowly suffocate and become sick. Purchase a hygrometer from a local pet store, keep humidity at 70-80%

You can keep your cage hermit by spraying water in the cage. If my cage goes below 70 I spay for about 30 seconds :) also having sponges and warmth help create humidity :)

You will need to purchase a heating pad to go underneath the cage. Keep one side warmer then the other in case your crab becomes too warm, or too cold. Keep a thermometer on the side with the heat :)

Be sure to keep your crabs at no less then 70 degrees. They will become weak and sick, and humidity levels will drop. I keep my home at 65 but I place them in my warmest room :)

I think I covered everything, if not let me know,


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