How to Fix a Jammed Coffee Grinder

Oh no my grinder won't grind! It's making a noise but nothings coming out! It's broken!!!...... Your grinder is jammed with coffee.

Your coffee grinder.

Make sure hopper is empty.

Take hopper off.

Vacuum coffee beans out.

No beans in there anymore.

Coarse grind setting.

Press the grind button or turn the grinder on to start grinding and all the coffee that was jammed in will be free to come out.

Slowly fine your grind and press the grind button if you think beans may still be in there.




Put the grind back to where you estimate it to be.

Replace hopper and refill with you coffee beans.

Adjust the grind and cup to make sure your coffee is tasting perfect.

The lesson from this is to ALWAYS make small adjustments to your grinder, WHILE you are grinding - otherwise you will jam your grinder again. Cheers, Amelia Franklin Coffee Roaster

Watch the video: How to Fix or Dis-assemble F203 Krups Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder in an Easy Way Part-1

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