How to Keep Your Nail Products Organized

So here is where the magic happens. Maybe thats why it's so messy. I love it! I take it on house calls and at home :)

First I empty the box, wipe any old polish off, or glitter and place them where it convenient for me :)

Here's my new nail piercers where I pierce the tip of the nail to add charms :)

You will defently need these for practice :) they can be bought at Sally's beauty supply or on eBay.

Here are the polishes I keep on hand. About 75 of them. I have about 400 at my salon. I make sure to have primary colors, black, white, topcoat, and Konad special polish..

Another view:)

I place my polishes at the bottom

My brushes and nail designs :)

My painters board :)

Konad stamping kits, lotions, and a bc powder :p

Beads and acrylic flowers

Charms, dangles, piercers.

Blurry photo of toe spacers, and filers :)

And that's it. You can find these products at Walmart, Sally's, amazon, and eBay :)

Watch the video: Nail Polish Storage Ideas

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