How to Make Pom-Pom Flowers

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First, Cut 6" of wire

Lay out your tissue horizontally on a table or any flat surface. LEAVE IT STACKED

Cut off 4 pieces measuring 6" WHILE IT'S STILL STACKED.

You should now have 10" x 6" pieces!

This is what you should have

Start folding It like a accordion (it doesn't matter if they line up or not)

You should now have this!

Now this next step is purely a decision you have to make. You need to take the ends of the accordion and either round them or point them.

For the sake of this tutorial I rounded them

Now cut small triangles on the middle of these strips

Now take the wire you cut earlier....wrap and twist!

Start separating the layers

Once all unfolded, it should look like this!

Watch the video: How to make pom poms with forkmaking mini pom pomsdiy pom poms


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