How to Press Flowers

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Gather your floral supplies. Daisies are best.

Lay them out on your sheet of cardboard in your press so that they're not touching.

Here is an example.

Place a couple more sheets of cardboard on top.

Then more flowers.

Then more cardboard. Do this until you have used up all your flowers.

Here are some pre-pressed flowers.

Then put the wooden sheet on top.

Screw each screw up, going diagonally.

Finished! Now wait at least a week for them to be fully pressed. Well done!

If you want, I can make a guide showing how to press flowers without a press. And don't forget to check out our craft blog!; this is where most of our tutorials go!

Watch the video: How to PRESS FLOWERS BETWEEN GLASS - DIY Pressed Flower Wall Art

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