How to Draw Hands- Peace

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Look at your hand. It's vital at this stage. Use simple shapes an draw what you see!

Clean up all the ugly lines. Start erasing some of the shape sketches until youre left with a nice outline. Adjust and look at your hand if necessary! Change awkward things in this stage!

Look at your hand and start sketching the creases. There are lots of them, think about how your hand bends as you do the peace sign! Nails aren't talons, by the way.

Start shading. I drew a light bulb for all to see! Just imagine where the light hits. Or just notice all the light on your hand! Where fingers cover are where the shadows are. :3

I drew arrows where the light is in my drawing. Depends on where your light are. Just look and draw what you see. The closer a surface is to the light, the lighter it is! Hooray. Got that figured out

Smudge with a tissue or a finger. Try not to over do it. Lightly and try to avoid highlights. Don't blend all the details out!! Mostly concentrate on smoothing shadows.

Redefine the lights of you smudged them in. Like I did.

I added a snazzy peace sign bracelet to mine. Edit and look at your hand if something seems slightly off. Only minor things at this stage. Otherwise, it'll change too much.

Now, erase any other things, final details, and yay. Youre done!!!! :D

Peace out!!! Any questions? Thanks! Visit if you enjoyed this tutorial! :)

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