How to Do Simple Strawberry Nails

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So first things first, protect and strengthen your nails with base coat

Now get your red nail varnish and paint all but one nail, I usually leave out my ring finger. This is so you can apply your glitter nail varnish if you have it if not carry on painting them all

Time for some glitter!

Now get your green nail art pen

And draw little green stalky things at the top of the nail

If you don't have a nail art pen, get your ball point pen and green nail varnish

Drop a blob of the nail varnish at the top of your nail

And drag it down with your pen

Stalks completed!

Now get your yellow nail art pen

And draw your seeds, you can do them as dots but I do them as tiny lines :) leaving your ring finger out if you have nail gems if you don't, it's all good just carry on

If you don't have a nail art pen get your yellow nail varnish and your ball point pen

Dip the tip of the pen in the varnish

And either dot or drag down to create lines

Seeds complete...almost!

Now get your bling!

Place the gems on the left out nail as though they were seeds


Now get your base coat or clear nail varnish and give a last coat to protect and add shine


Hey presto! Hope you like

Watch the video: Pretty Strawberry Nail Art. CutePolish. Disney Style


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