How to Get FREE Quality Apps for Your iOS Devices

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Most of us know AppStore as a way to discover cool free apps... Let me show you better ways.

There are many sites that track free apps, but I'll focus on the apps that does that. Here's my fav apps I use on a daily basis.

AppPusher is by the good folks at But I can't read Chinese. No worries, just look out for the button below the app icon. Click that and you will be at the AppStore in your language.

Like AppPusher, AppShopper is a companion app to Recommend you sign up an account there. Just select Free in Popular and What's New category.

Price Drop > Free will show you a list of free stuffs in AppDailyStore

If you download a free app. Do your part in supporting the developers by leaving a rating or comments as a way to say thanks. Would you like to see more app guides? Leave me your comments.

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