How to Set Up Your Hookah (Waterpipe)

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What you need :)

Hookah components

I like to use coconut shell charcoal you can taste the coconut

Charcoal looks like this

Break in to smaller pieces

Camping stove works best but can use your normal stove

Let the coals get red on all sides by turning it

Now get your tobacco ready

Check out this site for flavors…

While your coals are getting red

While your coals are getting red

My Hookah is a SheeCool

The SheeCool Hookahs base is put in the freezer over night ,it has gel inside that freezes


Standard Hose

Flash Hose

Rubber seal

Bowl packed and ready


All ready and waiting for the coals




Take the coals and knock of the ash to keep good heat going

Watch the video: HOW TO SET UP HOOKAH FOR BEGINNERS. BEST Hookah Tricks u0026Tips! Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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