How to make creme caramel (egg custard pudding)

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First, grease your ramekins with butter or non-stick spray. Feel free to halve, double, or triple the recipe

Lets make caramel sauce. Put 4tbps sugar and 1tbps water to pot, cook with medium heat

Wait until the sugar lightly colored like that then swirl the pot

Cook until amber colored and remove from heat. Quickly add 1 and a half tbps of hot water, swirl it to even out then pour the caramel sauce evenly to your ramekins

Like that. Set aside

Now the pudding

Prep a large pot. Layer the bottom with kitchen towel, fill it with water. There should be enough water to cover the bottom half of your ramekin. Just like in the picture. Bring water to simmer

Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk it. To avoid foam, dont let the tip of the whisk leave the bottom of the bowl when whisking it. Set aside

On a pot, add milk and 5 tbps sugar. Stir until the sugar completely dissolve and cook until just below boiling point. Remove from heat

Add milk mixture to the egg. Slowly pour milk while whisking it continuously so the egg wont curdle

Now strain your egg-milk mixture to a measuring glass or a container that will make your work easier when pouring the mixture into ramekin. Remove any foam on the surface with a spoon

Pour the mixture evenly to ramekins. I cant find my ramekins so I use tea cup 😭

Cover your ramekin with alumunium foil. I'm using microwave-safe plastic wrap because I run out of foil. the foil will prevent the surface of pudding from getting dry

Put your pudding into simmering large pot and cooked the pudding for about 20-25 minutes

Cover the pot with lid. You have to keep the water temperature just below boiling point. If your water starts to boil, open the lid and add little bit water

This is the pudding after 20 mins. Wait until cool. You can eat it warm but I prefer to put it in fridge for at least 1 hour

To serve, loosen around the inside of ramekin with a small knife, put a serving plate on top and then turn it upside down and give it a hefty shake. Yum!

Silky smooth and sweet. Enjoy!

Tips for cleaning hardened caramel: fill your caramel pot with water, put pot on stove and bring them to boil. The caramel will come off easily

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