How to make a traveling crafter's case

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Find a case that suits your needs. Consider size, shape and weight. Antique stores & thrift shops are great sources for vintage cases.

I picked this one for its perfect depth and I like the worn look on the outside.

Choose the decorative paper you'd like to use to cover the inside. I love this Graphic 45 classic polka dot.

Measure, then cut paper to wrap around the inside edges of case. Adhere with a strong, dry adhesive.

Now choose a bottom cover. The left side is plain so I can add my Velcro and storage boxes.

Prepare boxes: I used Graphic 45 book boxes.

Cigar or other upcycled lidded boxes are a great option too.

Cover boxes with decorative paper. Add washi tape "handles" for easy opening access.

Label boxes with alphabet stickers or chipboard.

You can also add a little flair to the inside if you'd like.

Attach Velcro to the bottom of boxes.

Adhere the opposite Velcro inside your case, lining up with the Velcro on the bottom of boxes.

Place boxes inside case.

Now your tools and supplies won't slide around while in transport!

Embellishment bits Safe and sound!!

My case has this great pocket.

Perfect for my flat supplies like papers and stickers.

I also added these great Graphic 45 metal clips. Clip photos or fun ephemera in place, in view and handy.

I also upcycled a clear cosmetic case to house my adhesives.

My case is all packed with everything I'll need to add memories to my art travel journal while I'm on the go!!

Now I can hardly wait to hit the road!!



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