How to stuff grape leaves

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Brown your ground meat (I used pork) with your seasonings. Add your cabbage and cook it down.

Add your greens and wilt them (spinach or arugula) and lastly green onions & salsa (I use cooked salsa as it's already seasoned) or diced, canned tomatoes.

Browned, seasoned ground meat. Next, add diced, canned tomatoes or salsa and cooked quinoa. (Note: tomatoes in a can eat away at the plastic lining so I try to avoid them.)

Open the jar of grape leaves, separate them, get your work area organized and start stuffing!

Stuff it like a burrito!

Keep stuffing until there's no filling left!

Put a cm of chicken broth in the bottom and heat it up at 350deg or just heat as you go. (I even eat them cold!)

NOTE: I like lots of veggies so I make this to be 1/3 meat and 2/3 veggies and quinoa. You can adjust to your liking. And I use quinoa as I try to avoid eating food that's white (refined). ENJOY!

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