How to make simple ghost halloween decorations

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On top of being super fun and easy to make, these little ghosts are great for Halloween parties and indoor decorations.

First take an empty egg carton and cut them up into individual pieces with your scissors

Open up a napkin and lay it down so it's shaped like a diamond

Lay another napkin down in the shape of a square on top of the other one

Position your egg carton piece in the middle of the napkins

Twist the napkin around the egg carton

Keep twisting until it is tight enough to push up inside the egg carton piece

Push the napkin bunch up into the piece of egg carton, secure with a small piece of tape if needed.

That looks good to me! Gently adjust the position of the napkin as needed.

Draw little faces on your ghosts, I used one of my prismacolor drawing pens. Sharpie will work too.

Tape a piece of fishing line to the top of your ghost head, hang from the ceiling with a piece of tape or make a homemade Halloween mobile with them!

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