How to make almond milk #healthyeating

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I normally buy unsweetened almond milk but don't like it warmed up so decided to try making my own and it is really easy and really tasty!

Start by taking one cup of almonds

Put in a bowl with enough water to cover them and soak overnight

See the difference after they are soaked! Drain the almonds, throw away the soaking water and give them a rinse

Put them in a blender with 3-6 cups of water depending on how creamy you want it. I used 4 which seems perfect for me. Blend on a high speed for a few mins until its well blended.

Like this

Now you can buy nut bags or use a cheese cloth but I placed a sieve over a bowl and used a clean tea cloth. You can let it drip though or gather up the cloth and squeeze it through

Pour into an airtight bottle or jug. I poured it back into the blended as it was easier to pour from the jug than a bowl. Keep refrigerated. Yum!

In the cloth you'll have left over pulp. Don't throw it away. You can use it in shakes, puddings, baking etc

I parcelled mine up and put it I'm the freezer

Find more recipes in my other guides or at and follow me on twitter @schoolbalance or The School of Balance on Facebook

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