How to make easy bbq pulled chicken

Super easy BBQ sauce: ketchup and brown sugar. 2 cups ketchup. 1 1/2 c water and 1/2 c brown sugar

Two TB Worcestershire and about 1/4 c Country Bob's sauce. This sauce is found in the isle with the condiments

I mix it up in the roasting pan I use. You literally only dirty two dishes making this!

Next add your spices: crushed red pepper and cayenne. I use about 2 tsp of each but you add to your taste. Stir up and sit aside

Now, usually I use thighs and split breasts on the bone. But i didn't have any. So, 6 chicken breasts

Open package and place right in. No browning, no cleaning..just put in pan. Cover with tin foil and bake at 325° for about an hour.

Your sauce has thickened. Remove tin foil and place aside. You'll need it later so dont throw it away.

Take chicken out and lay on the foil. Once it has rested for 20 minutes, it will cool enough to start shredding

Pour sauce into a bowl. This is second dish you'll use. When I use the split breasts and thighs (with skin on) I do strain the sauce with a fine mesh strainer. Just incase some bones are left behind

Dont clean your pan bc the shredded chicken goes right back in there

Shred chicken and mound up in roasting dish

Pour enough of the sauce over chicken to coat.

I used all but about a cup.

Pour that leftover sauce in a container and store. It has wonderful flavor and many uses. Great to dip sandwich in, or pour over pork/ribs and even meatloaf. My kids love to use on their mac'n cheese

Enough to feed a crowd. Enjoy!

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