How to cook baked clams

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Before we start inspect each clam and make sure they are all alive. Any clams that are open, are hard to close or are easy to pry open are dead. DISCARD and keep the living ones.


As soon as you clean them put them on a baking dish. Now to crack them open I like to cheat. It's so easy. Preheat your oven to 450f. Put the clams in for 5 minutes. Voila a slightly cracked clam

When done opening the clams adjust the oven temp to 375F, do not turn off. We will need it hot to cook the clams. Unless of of course you're doing it later, in that case skip this step.

In the meantime let's prepare our breading. Get yourself a nice bowl. Add the bread crumbs into it

Next comes the crushed garlic. Add the oregano if you are using it.

The oil

Now use your hands and moisten the breadcrumbs with the oil. It should hold together.

Once the breadcrumbs and oil is mixed, continue on with adding the pecorino Romano cheese.

Lets finely chop some flat leaf parsley

Like this

Add it to the breadcrumbs, at this point as well add a squirt or two of pure lemon juice and mix it in well.

Don't discard the clam juice. Put it in a bowl. Try to pry it open over a bowl as i did to catch the clam juices. Save it for later

Add some of the clam juice to each clam shell before we stuff them this will keep them moist and tasty. Don't put too much.

See me do it!️

Drizzle some lemon juice on them as well (Optional)

All my clams are stuffed and placed in a cookie sheet

Take some more lemon juice and just drizzle some over each clam. Not too much😁

Place your clams in the pre heated oven & cook for about 15-20 min. or until the tops are browned. Shouldn't take long, just keep watch to not over cook them or they will dry out & that is a nono.

When done remove from the oven

Add a squirt of lemon juice to each clam and serve hot. Enjoy

Enjoy. Yum

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