How to make оладий (small buckwheat russian crepes) 🇷🇺

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Add sugar to warm milk (heat in the microwave) it should b warm but not hot. And leave to proof. This step is not necessary with instant yeast but I do it to make sure z yeast is still active

Add the yeast. And let stand for 10 mins or so.. The time u prepare the other ingredients

Sift the 2 flours together. I always do that. The end product will be lighter and more fluffy

Add the milk and mix with a hand blender. Or with a hand whisk. I use the blender...faster and no lumps let stand for 30 mins or more??

After 40 mins

Melt the butter, beat the egg yolk .. A bit


Beat the egg whites

Haha it looks like Santa klaus

Fold the egg whites in the batter

I have this special pan for oladiya(small blini) heat your pan on medium low and cook the Oladie 2 mins on each side

Or cook in a pastry circle. Or just like you Cooke any pancake

Or just in a pan. Freehand

Or mini for cocktails

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