How to make lasagna

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these are the pasta sheets used to asmeble the lasagna and are now being boild

this is how it looks like after its been boild for about 5min-10min

this is the stage where u mix the ground chuck and the diffrent herbs to give the meat its flavor

when the meat is cooked it will have brownish color which will show its done and ready

once your done cooking the meat you add the barillia sauce to finish the meat stage and are now ready to assemble

before adding layers you must spread a small amount of meat to the surface of the lasagna pan so the pasta sheets wont stick

when start adding layers you can start by adding the meat first or the cheese first. I personally prefer to start with cheese and work my way up.

when your done adding your layers you top it off by adding a small amount of meat on top of it all and pour as much parmesan cheese as you want

then you cover the lasagna with tin foil so it wont burn the surface of the top layer. The lasagna has to sit in the oven for at least an hour

then you take it out of the oven unwrap it and your ready to have a delisious dish italiano

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