How to style cheerleading hair

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Get out all of your supplies that was listed.

Make sure your hair is brushed out.

Grab pieces of hair from each side of the front of your head. Pull them together, and up above your head as shown in the picture.

Next, begin teasing the hair you gathered from the front of your head.

Once you have teased your hair, spray the hair with hairspray to make the teasing stay.

After you finish hair spraying, pull the hair back to the back of your head, as shown in the picture.

Take the pieces of hair that are still in your hand, and push them forward to create a poof.

Now, to keep the poof secure, bobby pin it several times just behind the poof you have just made.

Now that the poof is finished, you can make the ponytail. To make the ponytail, put your fingers right above your ears and bring them up to the top of your head, gathering hair as you go.

Once you have gotten the hair for your ponytail where you want it on your head, wrap a ponytail holder around the hair.

To put the bow in, place it between the poof and ponytail you have just made. Wrap the ponytail attached to the bow around the ponytail you made.

To make the bow more secure, add bobby pins to each side of the bow.

Tease the top of the ponytail, like you teased your poof in step 4.

This is your finished hair style.

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