How to make a delicious tuna filling

"Crumble" the tuna, about 200 grams.

Add chopped celery, about 1 stalk.

Add mayo and stir, it was about 3 tblsp.

I added some extra mayo.

Add mustard, I used some dijon and some sweet & spicy. I didn't measure it but let's say 2 tsp.

Add creme fraiche, about 100 ml.

Mix and add black pepper and salt. Taste it and add as much as you want!

Also add cayenne pepper and paprika. The same here. If you like it spicy add more.

Add fresh or frozen parsley, I added a little bit of both. Perhaps 2-3 tblsp.

Add capers, about 1 tbsp, and you're done!

Butter some bread and add the tuna filling.

Dig in!

Watch the video: TUNA MELT RECIPE. How to make Cheesy Tuna Sandwich

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