How to make cultured butter utilizing an alto-shaam c&h

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Measure 5 cups heavy cream

5 ounces buttermilk

Combine the two and mix well.

Set your Alto-Shaam Cook and Hold or holding cabinet to 77F (25C).

Place cream and buttermilk mixture in unit and let stand overnight.

The next day you will have some nice creme fraiche. (You can stop here if you just want creme fraiche)

Place creme fraiche into mixer with whip attachment. (Note; I covered the bowl with plastic wrap). Whip on high for 7-10 min until butter solids and buttermilk separate.

Strain buttermilk from solids.

Place butter solids into bowl

Add some ice water and kneed butter solids. Drain water off and repeat 6 or 7 times until wash water is no longer cloudy.

Pack butter into glass jars or other containers.

Cover, label and date. You now have some delicious cultured butter!

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