How to make sauerkraut

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Start with a clean crock

Trim and Core the cabbage

This is our cutter

Place Cabbage in Cutter box to slice

Put sliced cabbage in to crock

Keep slicing

Salt is added between layers of cabbage

More salt

Keep slicing

As you tap down the cabbage will get watery

After the last layer of cabbage and salt place a damp towel, plate and weight on top

The weight will keep the saltwater on top of the cabbage

Check to ensure that everything is fermenting without drying

At around six weeks the cabbage will be fermented

Clean your jars

Place into perf pans to sterilized in the Combi oven. Steam at 225F (107C) for 10 minutes.

Drain off cabbage.

Fill jars and pack down.

Ready to seal

Heat in the combi oven at 190F (88C) steam mode for 30 minutes to seal.

Ready for storage

Watch the video: How to make Polish-style home-made sauerkraut - learning Polish food.

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