How to color iod's paintables

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Take the yellow oil pastel and color it on to a smooth surface, like a craft mat. Using the water brush begin to pick up some of the color and apply it to the flowers.

Add a darker color on to the craft mat. (I used yellow-orange.) Then begin coloring the shadow areas of the flower with the darker color and the waterbrush.

To add a touch more depth to the flowers I added one more shade, Orange. Scribble it onto the craft mat and use the water brush to pick the color up and add to the shadow areas.

I used Olive and Cadmium Green to add color to the leaves. I mixed the two colors together as well as using them separately.

I used my heat tool to dry the Paintable thoroughly. I put mine in a 8x10 frame. It makes for a nice addition to your home decor! ~Tiffany Solorio

Watch the video: IOD Inspiration using Classic Bouquets Paintable Transfer u0026 Class Elements mould


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