How to make"fancy" brownies

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Gather all your ingredients

Preheat oven to temperature on Brownie Box

Spray pan with PAM on all sides to prevent sticking (anything can be used that prevents sticking but I found PAM works the best)

Cover the bottom of the pan with cookie dough. Make sure the whole pan is covered and the cookie dough is evenly spread out.

Crush 4-6 Oreos at a time in a Ziploc. Hit with a hard surface (the back of a metal measuring cup works really well)

Spread the crushed Oreos evenly over the cookie dough

Mix brownie batter following the directions on the back of the box.

Pour batter evenly over the other two layers. Hard to spread after pouring so be cautious when pouring to make as even as possible.

Put in the oven for the suggested time. It normally needs 10 additional minutes.

Cook until a toothpick cleanly comes out indicating the brownie batter is cooked!

Let cool, then cut to desired size, and finally enjoy!!!

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