How to cook halloween beef stew

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Start off by chopping the celery, carrot and half of the onion, put in a food processor and mince.

Add to a pan with some water and olive oil

When the water dries up and the vegetables start softening add the diced beef, make sure the chucks are all the same size, 3/2cm cubes is a good size

When the beef is roasted uniformly, add some vegetable stock and the red wine, bring to simmer.

Slice the remaining onion and add on top. Cover with a lid and simmer gently for 40min

In the meantime take care of the pumpkins. Make sure the pumpkins you are using are roughly the same size.

Cut a thin slice off the tip of the pumpkins to make them stand straight.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkins like you would do in a halloween one.

Carve the seeds out and clean them by scratching the inside flesh. Cut the toothpicks in 2 and stick them to the sides of the pumpkin lids to make a sort of cruciform

Take a casserole and coat the bottom with a double layer of aluminum foil

Ready to be stuffed

Remove the lid, add the flour and stir with a high heat. If the stew dries up too much add more vegetable stock, if it's still too liquid cook a bit longer without the lid

That's how you want it, done.

Using a tablespoon stuff all the pumpkins up to the top, according to how good you judged the size of the pumpkins you may have more or less stew, either way, not a problem.

Add a small quantity of olive oil on top.

Stick the sage leaves on two of the toothpicks

Close the lid with the leaves inside

Ready to be baked in a 200C preheated oven for 45min

45min later

Serve hot with your choice of bread.

Remember to carve out the pumpkin flesh as you eat the stew. Enjoy!

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