How to create a wine glass centrepiece by joanne bain

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Autumn themed table centrepiece and it was created in under 60 minutes. Simply follow the steps to create your own.

Fussy cut lot of butterflies from the Botanicabella papers. These took about 30 minutes to cut out. I wanted lots of layers of butterflies but you may not, so cut out what you think you may need.

Wrap jute twine around wine glass in the way of your choice and attach.

Choose your ribbons and tie some bows. Leave the lengths long so you can twirl the bottoms. I have used three different types of ribbon in contrasting colours.

Now you will need the fussy cut butterflies and a piece of jute twine that once folded in half reaches from the top of the wine glass to the base of the glass.

Run glue along the jute twine.

Start attaching the butterflies.

Just keep layering.

And layering until both halves of the jute are full of gorgeous butterflies.

Aren't they gorgeous! Layer them in different directions for added interest.

Now attach the string of butterflies to the glass.

Add and attach the ribbons.

Add the third ribbon bow.

Now twirl the ribbon ends to make them a little bit fancy. To twirl the ribbons I wrapped around a paintbrush handle and heated slightly with my heat gun. Don't overheat as you will burn the ribbon.

Attach a few extra butterflies around the inside of the glass and base.

Attach as shown.

The centrepiece is finished. I have added some glass beads ans fairy lights inside the glass to give it illumination.

A battery operated candle would also work perfectly for this project.

Lots of gorgeous butterflies.

Butterflies escaping from the glass :)

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Visit my blog -



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