How to easily make a paper snowflake

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I know most people already know the basics of this craft but the main reason I'm posting this guide is to share how simple and easy these snowflakes are when made with tracing paper! ❄️

I prefer to use tracing paper! It's a lot thinner, making it easier to cut designs into the snowflakes and it also gives a more transparent, wispy look to the final product. Plus no more hand cramps!

Since I like to have more round, circular snowflakes I usually cut the paper into a square first. I do this by aligning the bottom and left edge and creasing.

Then I fold over the excess paper on top so it is flush with the edge of the newly made square.

Carefully tear off excess paper and set it aside. This can be used for smaller snowflakes.

Then fold the triangle into a ... smaller triangle I guess. This can be done in a lot of ways and the more you fold the more detailed your snowflake will be.

Another fold

And another one...

And one more. On my last fold, instead of folding the triangle in half I like to fold this way. This makes it easier to make a circle.

And this is mine all folded up! Time to start cutting.

Now you can cut the top portion to make it circular. The more folds, the less rounded your cut needs to be. Alternatively, if you're going for a scalloped look, be sure to keep the cut curved.

And now go crazy! I used both scissors and a hole punch to add various designs. If you want to hang yours up by a string it's a good idea to punch a hole near the curved edge.

Carefully unfold, the tracing paper is a bit more resistant to being unfolded compared to printer paper. To make it lay flat go over each crease with a bone folder or a similar tool (or your nail).

Yay! You can use these for decorating and general Christmas merriment. I've used the same technique with wax paper to adorn cookie gift boxes. They show less grease than a traditional doily does.

They also look really pretty in direct light!

Perfect for garlands!

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