How to bake 'le gateau magique' magic cake 🇫🇷

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◀️ 5 important steps to succeed the magic: the whites should be stiff peakes. It should b baked in a traditional oven and not in

A convection. (Otherwise bake at 10 degrees lower than the indicated) This cake has to b baked at low temp. 150C max. This cake is to cool down and to be refrigerated 4 at least 3 hrs before cutting.

The region of Poitou Charente, south west of france

Line the mould.

Empty the vanilla beans in the milk. Simmer 10 mins and let it infuse

Melt the butter and let it cool down

Separate the eggs

Fine sugar. In France it is called powdered sugar. It is not the icing sugar

Flour + a pinch of salt

Beat egg yolks and sugar

Add the butter then flour then milk. It will be very liquid

Egg whites stiff peaks

Incorporate in the batter

I baked it at 145C 45 mins. (my oven is too strong)

Watch the video: gateau magique au chocolatكيكة سحرية بطبقتين

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