How to make a melting snowman cookie

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You can substitute currents for eyes and cranberries for noses. You can use any sugar cookie recipe to make the actual cookie. The prepared refrigerator cookies make this a speedy Holiday Activity.

Using cookie icing (sold ready to use in grocery stores) you put a small blob of icing on the mini chip then set on the marshmallow.

I had best luck when I prepared the heads before baking the cookies. The eyes, nose and mouth stayed in place better that way.

Once the cookies cool down you can break your pretzel sticks in half and be sure you have everthing you need gathered.

Drop your head in place.

Then add your pretzel stick arms next.

Sprinkle around some mini chip for the buttons.

Let dry laying flat for about an hour so the cookie icing can harden.

Children can help clean up and be ready to pose for pictures with there finished creations!!!! I hope you and the children you make these have lots of fun!!!!!

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