How to quick combi grill usingalto shaam grill grates

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Marinate meat and hold for service. Using a little bit of oil helps a lot.

Place meat onto the non-preheated combi grill grate.

Create a recipe step program. Step 1: preheat 520F (271C).

Step 2: Convection-500F (260C) - 5min. - 80% fan- 100% humidity- TURBO mode

Step 3: Combi- 465F (240C)- Probe 122F (50C) - 80% fan- 50% humidity - ECO mode

Step 4: DWELL 2min. 30 sec. - 20% fan- 0% humidity. Save/label and press start.

Once preheated, slide your grill grate into the oven and probe the meat.

Once finished, remove meat from the oven.

Notice the char marks appear without having to preheat the combi grill grate.

Slice and serve!

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