How to make a mini love pinata album with maya road

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Cut a 6" template using ScanNCut, or print one.

Cut 2pcs 6" heart shape chipboard using the template.

Cut 2pcs 6"x3" chipboard, cut the first layer of the chipboard pieces, as shown, on every 1/4 inch in order to make it curve.

Use connecting strips to connect the parts and form the Pinata heart shape.

Cover all the outside edges with crate paper.

Cover inside with pattern paper.

Cover inside with pattern paper.

Cut the lower part of crate paper.

Adhere the crate paper on the sides of the heart Pinata.

Adhere the crate paper on the front and back of the heart Pinata, trim the excess.

Cut pattern paper with 5-1/2" heart shape using ScanNCut or print a template to help.

Punch holes and tie the album with ribbons.

Glue twines for the Pinata in order to be hang up, add your favorite Maya Road goodies to decorate.

Decorating the album with your favorite Maya Road goodies.

Adding a batch of chocolate would be so sweet.

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