How to make a thick friendship braclet

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This is It is the best site for learning to make many kinds of friendship bracelets and other knotted accessories. If you've not been there yet go check it out.

This is the original tutorial for this type of bracelet. I give credit to the creator if the tutorial because I did NOT create the idea for this bracelet. The photos and the bracelet are my own.

First pick your colors. I chose rainbow for the ease of explanation... And cause rainbow bracelets are fun lol

You'll also need a clipboard, or other method if stabilizing your string, and a pair of scissors.

Cut 2 strings of each color I cut mine at 40 inches. This is for a bracelet roughly 5in of knotted section and 2, 3in ties. Tie an overhand knot 5 inches down

Line your strings up in groups of two. Once you understand how to make this, you can change up the number of strings and colors.

Starting at the left, tie a forward backward knot (FBK) with the first red over the second red. If you need more information on this after you finish this guide, check out my guide for different knots

The forward part of the FBK: Using the left string, go over the right string creating a rough 4. Going under and through the hole, pull the string through and tighten.

The backward part of the FBK: Using the same string as the previous step, go over, creating a P, under and through and pull tight.

Using the very next string, the one you just tied over, in this case the second red, repeat the previous steps over the next string, in this case orange.

Do this all the way across.

When you get to the end, using the right most string, tie and backward forward knot (BFK) over the string to the left. This is done in the reverse of the FBK.

Go all the way across. Repeat until you've reached your desired length.

Sorry for the less than good photo but here's the pattern after a couple of inches.

Here's another example of a pattern...

And the result.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a msg here, or on my username is AutumnRane.

Watch the video: DIY Chevron Friendship Bracelet

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