How to make a smashed potato + rosemary triscuit snack

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In anticipation for the Easter holiday, we’re pairing up with Triscuit to throw an egg decorating party — complete with a brand new Triscuit combo that we're very eggcited about.

Triscuit crackers are the perfect vessels for flavorful party appetizers. All you need are three simple ingredients and Triscuit crackers for some tasty tapas that will make your party menu a breeze.

We could spend hours praising the smashed potato… But we’ll save it for another time. Boil tiny white potatoes, then lightly smash them with a fork.

Add your mini smashed potato to your Triscuit cracker.

Spread on a bit of whole grain mustard.

Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

How delicious do these look? These were the perfect hearty snack to fuel our Easter party guests.

For more delicious Triscuit recipes + tips for throwing the best Easter egg decorating party ever click here:

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