How to make tuna sandwich

2 cups tuna 1cup romaine lettuce (shredded) 1 Italian / French bread 1/2 cup chopped cucumbers 1/2 cup green onions / chopped 1tbsp tahini sauce, 1tbsp cream cheese, 1tbsp mayo, 1tbsp dijon mustard

In a bowl, add tuna

Mayo, tahini, cream cheese and mustard

Add 1tbsp minced garlic and 1 crushed Thai chili

Add Cucumbers

Then green onions, with salt and pepper to your taste.

Mix well

I like my bread to be toasted, but this step is optional.

Start filling the bread with tuna mixture

Than add sliced tomatoes

Last but not least add the lettuce. You also can add other veggies.

Cut into what ever size portions you want ..

All done ! (:

I usually wrap mine with plastic wrapper and put in the fridge, to serve cold when ever I feel hungry ^^

Enjoy ^^ hope you like this guide. Here's a YouTube video of this recipe: Thanks for stopping by, and have a good one ! 🤗

Watch the video: The Best Tuna Melt Sandwich Recipe On Sourdough Bread. Rockin Robin Cooks

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