How to create a lovely beach inspired box

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First collect your supplies (listed)

Chose a range of shells to add to your box. It can be any size or shape, just chose your favourites!

Using a pen, mark out your sand for your beach. This can be any size or shape.

After marking out your desired sand or beach, mix yellow and red together to make the perfect sand like colour. You can chose whatever type of yellow/orange colour you like.It's up to you.

Start painting on your sand.First I did a coat of yellow, as a base.Then I went over it with a light orange.Make sure you do several layers.

Make sure you leave the paint to dry.I left mine for an hour so that it was nice and dry before I added details.

While you wait for the paint to dry, find a plastic bottle from around the house and cut it into 2 parts using an exacto knife

I cut the bottle In 2 uneven parts, one bigger then the other. I am going to use the smaller half in my box.

Using an iron, flatten the top of the plastic bottle, so that, it is smooth and doesn't cause any cuts. Make sure you have parent supervision and ask them before you use an iron.They are hot.

Once you have sorted your supplies, it is time to decorate! Before using a hot glue gun to stick the shells down, place them were you want to put them, so that the glue doesn't dry straight away.

Glue your shells down.I placed 2 shells on the beach. ( the one in the water isn't stuck down)

Using other shells, decorate the sides of your box.I painted black on the box before gluing the shells down so that they stand out.

Use bigger shells to decorate the smaller sides TIP: Make sure you glue them a distance away from the top so that the lid can go on the box properly

To add more detail, stick on white felt to the edge of the beach so that they look like the tide.It also gives the box surface more dimension

Inside the box I glued 2 tops a plastic bottle (look at steps 6-9) This is optional, but it is a great way to store small things thinks bottle caps and shells.

I painted them black and added white felt on the inside to give more detail (optional)

Now you have a Stunning beach inspired box to help lift up your room.A perfect place to store your most loved memories.......forever.

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