How to use a medicine ball

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Passing Ball: Lay flat on your back with your arms extended above your head and the ball between your hands.

Passing Ball: Lift your legs and your arms up. Place the ball between your ankles.

Passing Ball: Slowly lower your arms and legs down.

Passing Ball: Lift your arms and legs together. Pass the ball from your ankles to your hands.

Passing Ball: Slowly lower your arms and legs back to starting position. Repeat.

Plank Toe Taps: Get in the plank position with your feet balancing on the ball.

Plank Toe Taps: Step one leg out and tap the ground.

Plank Toe Taps: Move your leg back to center.

Plank Toe Taps: Step your other leg out to the side and tap the ground.

Burpees: Get in the plank position.

Burpees: Do a pushup.

Burpee: Jump to the front of your mat and grab the ball.

Burpee: Stand up, lifting the ball over your head.

Russian Twists: Sit back as far as you can with your legs lifted above the ground. Hold the ball in front of you.

Russian Twist: Keeping your legs in the same position, turn your body to the side and touch the ball to the ground.

Russian Twists: Go back to the starting position. Twist your body to the other side and touch the ball to the ground.

Mountain Climbers: Get in the plank position with your feet balanced on the ball.

Mountain Climbers: Drive one knee up to your chest. Go back to the plank position and drive the other knee up.

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