How to alter a mini chest with art anthology products!

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Here it is! I started out by painting the trim and hardware with gesso. PLEASE, let each step dry before adding the next. You can use your heat tool, if you'd like. :)

Now I've covered it with a nice coat velvet paint in the color Kona! I like go to off the trim a little, making sure every crack and crevice has been covered.

Now I'm using the Gothic Stencil and some texture paste to cover pieces of kraft cardstock that I have cut to fit each surface of the chest.

Looks good! Love that pattern! Now I'll do the rest of the pieces.

Next I painted all them with gorgeous Desire Velvet Paint! Let them dry, and glue them all in place.

These are canvas leaf shapes I painted with Vegas Gold Sorbet Paint! Love that sparkle!!

Next,I covered small areas of the chest with Tango Velvet , & blotted most of it back off w/ a paper towel.

Tango has such a fabulous shimmer to it....the chest ended up with an awesome autumn glow!!

Now to give it a little look of age, I misted it with French Toast mist, and ever so lightly blotted some back off with a paper towel.

Now I dabbed some Dazzle Paint in spots, & rubbed it around. Dazzle is a clear coat w/ glitter in it, so this left the edges of the texture w/ deposits of glitter, for an even more amazing finish!

I added a few flowers, used my gold leaves, and a die cut hummingbird to finish it off. Looks like it's been in the family for years!

Fabulous color, texture, can't go wrong with Art Anthology products!!!

I hope this encourages you to get your fingers messy and have some fun with Art Anthology paints and sprays!

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