How to 10 cards you need to send this holiday season

There’s something special about sending handwritten cards this time of year — there’s no better way to show someone you care. With Studio Ink making you holiday-card rich, it’s time to make it snow!

1. Share a smile with the cat lover in your life. This card kills it on two fronts— crazy cats *and* ugly sweaters. It’s beyond words.

2. You can get a little friskly this holiday season even without the mistletoe. Send your love with this flirty card.

3. Make spirits bright. Peace + Joy is a perfect message no matter what holiday you celebrate.

4. Who doesn’t love candy? Show a bit of holiday sweetness this season.

5. Help keep the misfit in your life off the Naughty List with with this card by letting them know how they’ve been oh-so good to you this past year.

6. This card will brighten anyone’s holiday. We think this beaver is totally nuts.

7. Send a bit of cozy warmth this holiday with this super cute card.

8. Spark holiday cheer. It’s all about the JOY this holiday season.

9. Tell someone how they’ve been a shining light in your life with their all-around awesomeness.

10. Spread joy to all, including yourself. The Exclamation Points card is a good reminder that we’re all part of the same world + we can always do our part to spread joy + love.

Watch the video: 10 PUN-Tastic DIY Holiday Cards. Doodle with Me

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