How to make a popsicle stick boat

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get 100 popsicle sticks

get a glue gun to make it stay together and glue all of the popsickle sticks together

get a lego salior if u want

get a small wooden door for the boat and use the hot glue gun and glue it onto the boat

get a small window for the boat and glue it to the side of the boat

get a small smoke stack for the boat and glue it to the boat

buy a small smoke maker from a store and if they don't have one use anything that will make smoke and put it o n the boat and don't let anyone see the smoke maker place it in the boat and cover it

get this kind of engine u can make it a different colour

get these colours but for the boat only and spray the boat

get a piec of paper and use the scissors and cut it to be triangle and glue it to the boat

get a bowl of water from your kitchen and fill it with water

have fun with what you just made

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