How to create art from recycled cardboard scraps

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Tear randomly on surface paper to show corrugate ridges. This scrap is approximately 5X7. Use white gesso sparingly and not covering entire surface. Cover remainder of surface with clear gesso. Dry

Spray AA Colorations spray,Warm and French Toast. Add a spritz of water, dab with dry cloth and dry with heat gun. Stamp randomly. I used text but you can do whatever you like.

After the previous is dry add sprays of Siesta Key and water. Move piece around to move ink. Dry

Add the darker ink spray. I used AA Peacock feathers, water and moving around to get the desired look for background.

The top layer is a second piece of cardboard scrap approx. 3x4 treated the same way as previous steps.

Adhere this piece to middle of larger one using either foam or small bits of cut cardboard in the middle only. You will need the open spaces around the edges.

Assemble your florals, clocks,scraps,embellishments. Save focal for end.

Assembly....In this step I also added some random swipes of AA Vegas Gold Sorbet. Once all pieces are layed and the way you like adhere them with choice of adhesive. I use 3D Matte Gel.

Punch two small holes at top for the hanger. The hanger can be bent to shape however you like using round nose pliers. Add a dab of glue in holes to hold.

Using a small brush add accents by dipping it into some of the darker colors and applying to areas. I used AA Colorations Peacock Feathers. Splatter lightly over all with thinned white gesso.

As a finishing touch on mine I used AA Minx in Immaculate and Gold Dust mixed with water and brushed in a few random areas. Just adds that extra sparkle! Have fun!!

Watch the video: Artist Ali Golzad on using recycled cardboard to make art

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