How to make a pretty mixed media canvas

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I started by gluing metal corner accents that I painted with gesso to each corner of my canvas . Then I used some texture paste and my Blocked Stencil to add just a couple spots of texture.

Next cut a paper doily in half and glued a piece to each side. Now I'll give everything a nice coat of gesso and dry it with my heat tool.

Now give your accent pieces a coat of Copper Metal Effects Paint to unify them. Love this paint!

With some Persimmon Velvet Paint, I put a nice kinda sloppy coat on each doily half. Don't let it dry!

Next I spritzed them with a couple sprays of water. It waters down the paint, but lets it settle in the holes in the doily.

Dab off the excess water and dry with heat tool. Love this watercolor effect.

Now I'm using my Warm Colorations Spray to add some color over the corners and square texture. Again...spray with a few spritzes of water.

Blot any large amounts of water away and dry with a heat tool. The the colors and patterns just grow before your eyes as it dries!

It's that beautiful!?

Now I chose Parakeet Sorbet Paint to add spots of green in a few of the lighter spots left on the canvas.

Before it dries I used a couple drops of Bankroll Minx Ink. It gave a gorgeous two tone color well as shimmer from the minx. Now I'll dry the with my heat tool.

Now we're getting there! :)

For even more interest, I use some texture paste to stencil in some circles w/ the Bubbles Stencil. Since I applied it right over color, the paste will soak up some color from underneath each circle!

Now I'm adding some of that Parakeet Sorbet Paint to dab on the leaves and stems in my chipboard bird cage.

Now I lay out some of my chosen embellishments and a photo mat. Once I have things the way I like them, I glue them down with Soft Matte Gel.

Next in several spots, I add more Soft Matte Gel, then sprinkle them with some tiny Art Stones. I dry it a little with my heat tool, and pick up the piece to allow the excess stones to fall off.

Dab a each corner piece with Copper Metal Effects and buff just enough back off to show the details in the piece.

Now water down some Copper Metal Effects and panit over the Art Stones, and use a paint brush to flick some paint throughout the canvas.

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