How to make homemade yoghurt

For about one kilo of yoghurt you need two table spoon of thick yoghurt. I am going to make about 5 kilo of that so I will need half a kilo of thick yoghurt.

Boil the milk

Turn the oven off just after it bubbled.

I am going to cool down the milk so the best and fast way is to put the pot into another bigger pot filled with cold water. I use sink and fill it with cold water and will place the pot into it.

I use my pinky to feel the temperature. Stir the milk so the temperature is even then use your pinky. If you can hold your finder in it without feeling burnt, it is the right time.

Two tablespoon of the yoghurt and mix it with two tablespoon of full cream milk .

When the milk is ready, transfer it to your jar or lunchbox or any kind of bucket you want to keep the yoghurt then add the mixed yoghurt and milk into the jar. Mix it slowly for 5 seconds.

Close the lid and place it into your cooler box.

Because my cooler box is not big enough, I use a large container to place all my yoghurt.

Cover them with a blanket.

Close the container lid and leave it for about 8 hours. I normally make yoghurt in the evening and leave it for the whole night.

It is 7:15 in the evening.

It is 10:40 the next day. I opened the container two hours a go and placed all my yoghurt in the fridge.

You see that the plastic lunchbox make thicker yoghurt than the glass jar.

I drink my yoghurt with dried mint. You can add your favorite fruit and have it as a snack. ENJOY😋

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